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What is Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) Schema?

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Your applications generate lots of usage data, whether they are web based or running on desktops. Usage data is generated when usage events happen, such as customer buying a product on your web site or sales person giving demo of product to a client or trading a stock using excel.

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Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) Schema

In Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), the database is designed to achieve efficient transactions such as INSERT and UPDATE. This is very different from the OLAP design. Unlike OLAP, normalization is very important to reduce duplicates and also cut down on the size of the data. our OLTP schema may look like this

Locations Table

Field NameType
Loc_CodeVARCHAR (5)
Loc_NameVARCHAR (30)
State_IdINTEGER (4)
Country_IdINTEGER (4)

States Table

Field NameType
Sate_IdINTEGER (4)
State_NameVARCHAR (50)

Countries Table

Field NameType
Country_IdINTEGER (4)
Country_NameVARCHAR (50)

OLTP Schema

In order to query for all locations that are in country 'USA' we will have to join these three tables. The SQL will look like:

SELECT * FROM Locations, States, Countries where  Locations.State_Id = States.State_Id AND  Locations.Country_id=Countries.Country_Id and Country_Name='USA'
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