API Gateway

  1. AWS provides low cost highly scalable REST API gateway for developers to seamlessly create front door to their programs/data
    1. Your core domain functionality/business logic and or data can be published thru API
    2. Your processes running on EC2/code running on Lambda/Web Applications can be used to publish this data thru API
  2. Typically the API consumers are your end users using
    1. Web browser running JavaScript calling the REST API
    2. Mobile applications
    3. Other server based processes inside your organization or clients outside your organization
  3. API gateway can be setup cache the results of the API for a predefined amount of time known as TTL
  4. You can throttle requests to prevent DOS attacks
  5. Can log requests to CloudWatch logs
  6. Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
    1. CORS enables JavaScript served from domain1 to make REST API calls to domain2
    2. CORS can be enabled on AWS API Gateway
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