AWS Kinesis

  1. AWS Kinesis is a cloud based web service that enables managing streaming data such as stock quotes, gaming data, social network (facebook) data, geospacial data such as Lyft/Uber/Swiggy or data collected by iOT devices
  2. Kinesis Streams
    1. Producers send data to KinesisĀ  Streams
    2. Data is stored from 24 hours to 7 days
    3. Stream data is stored in shards (capacity of stream = sum of the capacities of all the shards inside the stream)
    4. These streams are consumed by consumers (EC2)
  3. Kinesis Firehose
    1. No need to worry about shards/streams
    2. Automated
    3. Data is not stored. Its immediately sent to the consumer after optionally analyzing the stream
  4. Kinesis Analytics
    1. Allows yo to run SQL queries on the stream data within Firehose
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