Cloud Watch Metrics

  1. Default free metrics are 5 min intervals. Custom metrics are 1 min intervals.
  2. Stored for 2 weeks
  3. Only host level metrics such as below are available free
    1. CPU
    2. Network
    3. Disk
    4. Status Checks
  4. Memory metrics are not available by default. Its a custom metric done by scripts run in EC2
  5. You can create dashboards to customize your cloud watch metrics
  6. Alarms can be created to monitor resources such as EC2 or ELB
    1. Choose resource (EC2 or ELB or DynamoDB etc)
    2. Threshold: Example: CPU utilization >= 70% for 2 out of 5 data points
    3. Settings
    4. Actions: Example: Send email
  7. Events help you respond to events (state changes) in AWS resources
    1. Example: Update DNS with public ip after EC2 starts successfully
  8. CloudWatch Logs
    1. Help you aggregate, store and monitor logs
  9. Cloud Trail is for auditing. Totally different from CloudWatch. Cloud trail logs all changes (create user, delete user, launch EC2 delete bucket etc) to your AWS account’s resources so you can go and see what changed when by who.
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