Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

  1. Types of instances (I=IOPS G=GPU C=Compute R=memoRy F=Hardware Accelerated)EC2 instance types
    1. On demand Pay by the second (Linux) hour (windows)
    2. Reserved Instances 1yr or 3yr
      1. Standard upto 75% cheaper than OD
      2. Convertible (50% cheaper than OD) can be converted to another RI of same or better class (Example: OS change, CPU upgrade, mem upgrade)
      3. Scheduled Reserved Instances: When you need an EC2 for a fraction of a day/week/month
    3. Spot instances
      1. Choose bid price
      2. If spot goes above bid you loose your instances
    4. Dedicated Hosts
      1. Physical server dedicated
      2. On demand or reserved
      3. Useful for regulatory confirmations, licencing requirement of software vendors etc
    5. EC2 Types (acloud.guru Dr Mc GIFT PX acronym)
      1. D Density
      2. R Memory
      3. M General Purpose
      4. C Compute
      5. G Graphics
      6. I IOPS
      7. F Hardware accelerated (FPGA)
      8. T Low cost
      9. P Graphics
      10. X extreme Memory
    6. EC2 Placement Groups
      1. Logical grouping of EC2 instances inside a single AZ (can’t span multiple AZ’s)
      2. EC2 instances inside a group are assured to be connected to each other using a low latency, high network throughput 10 GB/S intranet
      3. Two types
        1. Cluster: Make them close
        2. Spread: Opposite of cluster. Spread as far as possible
      4. Only high end EC2’s such as Memory optimized (M), Compute optimized (C), Storage Optimized(I), GPU Optimized (G)
      5. Recommended to launch homogeneous (same size/family) EC2s inside a Placement Group
      6. Moving a running EC2 into a PG is not supported. Only while launching, you can choose your PG
    7. The data in an instance store persists only during the lifetime of its associated instance. If an instance reboots (intentionally or unintentionally), data in the instance store persists. However, data in the instance store is lost under the following circumstances:
      1. The underlying disk drive fails
      2. The instance stops
      3. The instance terminates
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