Elastic Container Service

  1. You can manage docker containers on a cluster of EC2 instances
  2. Read only template called docker image is used to create container
  3. Image contains instructions to create container
  4. Images can be stored in a Registry such as DockerHub or AWS ECR (EC2 Container Registry)
  5. A task definition is required to run docker containers in ECS
  6. Task definitions are JSON format text files that describe one or more docker containers that form your application
  7. Task definition is similar to cloud formation but for docker containers.
  8. TD specifies how much CPU or RAM for the containers
  9. ECS service enables you to run a specified number of task definitions
  10. ECS Cluster is a logical grouping of container instances that you can place your tasks on
  11. Clusters can contain multiple different instance types
  12. Clusters are Region specific
  13. ECS agent (comes preinstalled on Amazon Linux AMI) is a piece of software that runs on Linux (windows is not supported) lets you connect your EC2 instance connect with a container in a cluster
  14. Security groups act at the instance level (not at container or task level)
  15. You can schedule ECS in two ways
    1. Service scheduler
    2. customer scheduler
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