Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) – What Is BAM

What is Business Activity Monitoring or BAM?

Business Activity Monitoring or BAM, is the the automated monitoring of business process activity affecting an enterprise. BAM is generally implemented as a module of ERP, BI, EAI or BPM products. BAM requires a business to identify its Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and create a system that allows monitoring and responding to changes, preferably real time.

Virtually for everyone in a organization can benefit from BAM.¬† Business Activity Monitoring enables a company to respond faster to new opportunities and threats.¬† BAM is not just about technology, but about recognizing a business’ KPIs and¬†implementing the right technology in place to monitor them.

BAM provides Real-Time, Graphical Key Performance Indicators & Analysis

BAM enables control and manage ongoing business operations using closed-loop visibility.

BAM will enable you to respond quickly to change based on business events as they occur.

BAM enables zoom in on cross-process metrics with real-time analysis to determine which processes are creating bottlenecks or which customer is most profitable.

The Right Metrics

Creating an effective BAM environment is not only about having the right technology and processes. Enterprises should define the right set of metrics, which will prevent information overload and overreaction to business exception reports.

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