Business Process Management (BPM) Components

A Business Process Management (BPM) Solution has Six Components

BPM IDE. Business Process Management (BPM) IDE is an integrated design environment used to design processes, rules, events and exceptions. Creating a structured definition of each process is very important to any business and the IDE enables a business user to design all processes with no help from IT.

Process Engine. The process engine of a Business Process Management solution keeps track of the states and variables for all of the active processes. Within a complex system, there could be thousands of processes with interlocking records and data.

User Directory. Administrators define people in the system by name, department, role and even potential authority level. This directory will enable tasks to be sent automatically to the defined resources.

Workflow. This is the communication infrastructure that forwards tasks to the appropriate individual.

Reporting/Process monitoring. Enables users to track the performance of their current processes and the performance of personnel who are executing these processes.

Integration. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and/or Web services  is critical to BPM as business processes will require data from disparate systems throughout the organization.

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