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Your applications generate lots of usage data, whether they are web based or running on desktops. Usage data is generated when usage events happen, such as customer buying a product on your web site or sales person giving demo of product to a client or trading a stock using excel.

Using 6facts you can capture this data (facts and dimensions) and send to the cloud based data warehouse hosted at 6facts using a simple HTTP REST API calls. No need to have your own database or install any software. All your fact and dimension tables will be created on the cloud. Simply capture data, format as JSON and send to 6facts using REST API. You can see and download reports.

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Any company can trigger off Business Analytics with the following “Asta Kriyas” i.e., eight actions:

  1. get better  flow and litheness of data
  2. Get the right technology in place
  3. Develop the talent you need-Talent Acquisition
  4. Demand fact-based decisions
  5. maintain the process crystal clear
  6. build  an analytical center of excellence
  7. renovate the culture
  8. amend your strategies – often

Before setting off with Business Analytics one can use Davenport’s five stages rating system in order to judge the organization where it is and where to move on. Those stages are as follows:

Business Analytics five stages

Initially any organization suffers from poor quality and missing data. Then the company collects the data efficiently may be by using fact finding techniques but lacks appropriate data for competent decision making.Once the company has right data it uses data marts to store the data and has the support of executives to use this data for analytics. The deficiency in this stage is it lacks standard, accessible and integrated data. Going a step further the organization begins to develop an enterprise wide analytics capability with high-quality data, an enterprise wide analytical plan and governance principles. Finally the organization is routinely reaping big benefits from its full-fledged, enterprise wide analytics architecture, which is fully automated and integrated into processes.

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