Regimented Business with Business Analytics

Business Analytics is widely used in the various industries, organizations and corporate in a number of ways. For example Business analytics is used in banks to predict and prevent credit fraud. In retail industry it is used predict the best location for stores and how to stock them. In Pharmaceutical industry business analytics is used to invent new drugs. Even in sports like cricket business analytics is used to determine the strategy of the game and analyze the performance of a player. It is also used for players’ segmentation. In steel sector business analytics can be used to invent new variety of steels and also for better Quality Control.

Benefits attained from Business Analytics

By this Analytical approach companies attain the following:

  • identify their most profitable customers
  • accelerate product innovation
  • optimize supply chains and pricing
  • identify the true drivers of financial performance
  • Better Quality Control.

Business Analytics is the essence for the success of a company for the reasons-(based on the Computerworld survey of 215 IT and business professionals)

  • It improves  and speeds up the decision making process
  • It is useful for Better alignment of resources with strategies.
  • It is useful in realizing cost efficiencies
  • It can be used in responding to user needs for availability of data on a timely basis.

Business Analytics Sample Report

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