SAP Database Installation – Choose passwords for database schema user, sys and system users

Choose \dump\exports\51019634_1-export1\LABEL.ASC for the location for export 1.

SAP-Database-Install-CD-Browser SAP-Database-Installation-CD-Browser


  • \dump\exports\51019634_1-export2\LABEL.ASC
  • \dump\exports\51019634_1-export3\LABEL.ASC
  • \dump\exports\51019634_1-export4\LABEL.ASC
  • \dump\exports\51019634_1-export5\LABEL.ASC
  • \dump\exports\51019634_1-export6\LABEL.ASC
  • \dump\exports\51019634_1-export7\LABEL.ASC

for the export locations. Choose sap as password for Db schema user. Choose change_on_install as password for Db user ‘sys’ user. Choose manager as password for Db user ‘system’ user.


SAP R/3 Installation – Install SAP Database Instance – Continued

Choose local installation and use the default memory (RAM) allocation as as shown below.


Choose the drive (in our case “D”) where Sap system directory exists.


Choose SAP<sid> as the name for the database schema. In our case its SAPDEV. Also make sure the DB Home is properly populated with OraHome92 in our case. Make sure the drive for the database point to the right place.


Assign password for the administrator. Choose basis as the password as its easy to remember.


How to Install Database Instance For SAP R/3

Install Database instance for SAP R/3

Prepare New Installation

  • Run All Programs → SAPinst ORACLE SAPINST → Prepare New Installation
  • Press any key and the cmd window will close. Now you are ready to run the “SAP Inst Server with GUI” command from the start menu.

“SAPInst Server with GUI” command from the start menu. Go to Start menu, click on All Programs-> SAPinst ORACLE SAPINST > SAP Inst Server with GUI The following screen will appear: Click next and this screen will appear as shown below. Here you will provide the SAP System Id (use DEV for development, QAS for testing and PRD for production). The first time you run this program you will choose “Create Central Instance”


choose “standard installation” Choose “Install (first) SAP system into a new database”

choose DEV for database system id.


It will ask you to enter SAP central system parameters. Use “00” for instance number and type in the host name where the central instance is running.


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