Variables that dictate the version of SAP Kernel Upgradation

Hardware 32bit or 64bit
OS Windows 2003, Linux, Solaris AIX 5.3 AIX6.1 OS390 AIX400
Database Oracle 8, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10G, DB2 8x, 9x, DB4 8x,9x, DB6, SQL Server 2000,2005,2008 Max Db 9.0X, 8.0X
Unicode/Non Unicode 4.7 is Non Unicode, ECC6 SR3 is Unicode, All other versions (ECC 5.0 etc) are available in Unicode and non Unicode versions

Goto to see the product availability matrix. It will tell you what needs to be applied to go from one version to another. Also download the kernel upgrade dump (3 files). SAPEXE.SAR SAPEXEDB.SAR DBATOOLS.SAR SAPCAR.EXE First two files are needed to patch the kernel. All three are needed to upgrade the kernel.


  1. Shutdown SAP Server, stop all SAP and Oracle services
  2. Copy D:\usr\sap\DEV\SYS\exe\run to D:\usr\sap\DEV\SYS\exe\run_old
  3. Create D:\usr\sap\DEV\SYS\exe\run_new directory and copy all the above files into the run_new directory 4.Rename SAPCAR.EXE in run_new to OLDSAPCAR.EXE
  4. Change to run_new directory and Run d:> OLDSAPCAR.EXE –xvf SARFile one file at a time. Need to execute this command three times, one for each SAR file.
  5. Copy/Overwrite all files except the above 4 files from run_new to run directory
  6. Restart the services a.TnsListner b.Oracle<SID> c.SAP<SID>_IN#> Central Instance d.SAPOSCOL e.SAP<SID>_<IN#> Dialog Instances
  7. Start SAP CI, DIs 9.If any problems arise check the instance profiles 10.Verify the installation using TCODE SICK

SAP-Kernel-Upgradation-Services User-SAP-DEV-System-run-new SAP-Kernel-Upgradation-Command-Prompt

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