Knockout JS Tutorial

Welcome to another series of tutorials on one of the most advanced and latest JavaScript framework i.e. KnockoutJS. Putting it simple, KnockoutJS is a framework similar to AngularJS or JQueryUI and is used to create responsive and beautiful user interfaces. It is important to note here that unlike node.js, KnockoutJS is a client side library. KnowckoutJS is based on MVVM architecture which fosters separation of concerns by separating application into application model, view and view model. This tutorial provides a brief KnockoutJS Introduction.


KnockoutJS is an advanced JavaScript framework. In order to understand tutorials in this series, you should have advanced understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. If you do not have solid grasp over these technologies I would suggest you to first study them and then come back here and start the tutorials.

KnockoutJS Features

Following are some of the most prominent features of KnockoutJS.

Simple Data Binding

It is very simple to bind application data with html UI elements via simple and easy data-binding syntax. This helps improve responsiveness of the application.

Two Way Binding

Binding between html elements and application data is two way. If you change the value of the application data, it is immediately reflected by the UI element and vice versa.

Reusable Templates

KnockoutJS contains builtin templates that help create UI applications in a rapid manner.

Easily Enhanced

You can easily add new features to knockoutJS applications.

Advantages of KnockoutJS

  • KnockoutJS should not be seen as a replacement to any other JavaScript framework. Rather it is a unique in a sense that it is based on MVVM and provides data binding capabilities that can be used to create complex user interfaces.
  • KnockoutJS library is very light weight and puts no extra load on the webpage.
  • Similarly, knockoutJS is absolutely free and open source. It has large community support as well.
  • KnockoutJS comes with detailed documentation and comes with lots of online help.

This tutorial merely contained KnockoutJS introduction. In the upcoming tutorial, we shall see how to setup knockoutJS environment and how to run our first application.

KnockoutJS Environment Setup >>>
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