Create Customer Dimension in Analysis Services

In this section we will create the Customer dimension

Click Create Dimension button again

Unlike our product dimension, all the customer data is present in a single table called customer. So we will choose Star Schema and click Next

You will see ‘Select the dimension table’ screen. select  the Customer table

Choose ‘Standard Dimension’ in the next ‘Select Dimension Type’ screen

In the Select The Levels screen choose Country, State_Province and Lname fields in that order

Dimension wizard

  • Click Next and and you will see ‘member key columns’ screen. Simply click next here.
  • In the next ‘Advanced Options’ screen click Next
  • In the next screen, choose a name ‘Customer‘ for our newly created Dimension. Make sure we share this product dimension across other cubes by checking the ‘Share the dimension’ box.
  • You will create the Store  Dimension Table in the next section
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