Creating a New MS 2000 Project

To create a new project in Microsoft Project you can either click the ‘New’ icon on the toolbar or select ‘New’ from the ‘Files’ menu. Unfortunately, the two methods of creating a project do not behave the same. If you clicked the ‘New’ icon a new blank project will automatically be created for you. If you selected the menu method, you will be presented with a dialog box like the one below.

From the New dialog box you have the option of creating a new blank project or from selecting from one of the predefined templates. Looking at the templates can be helpful, especially if you are new to Project Management. Depending upon the type of project you are undertaking, they typically follow the same pattern and this pattern has been laid out for you in the project template. (They may also help you to think of things you may have forgotten!)

Create new project

choose project template


As you can see, there are pre-built templates for construction, software develop, to developing a new project or business. For this tutorial will start with a Blank Project.

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