SAP Database Installation – Choose passwords for database schema user, sys and system users

Choose \dump\exports\51019634_1-export1\LABEL.ASC for the location for export 1.

SAP-Database-Install-CD-Browser SAP-Database-Installation-CD-Browser


  • \dump\exports\51019634_1-export2\LABEL.ASC
  • \dump\exports\51019634_1-export3\LABEL.ASC
  • \dump\exports\51019634_1-export4\LABEL.ASC
  • \dump\exports\51019634_1-export5\LABEL.ASC
  • \dump\exports\51019634_1-export6\LABEL.ASC
  • \dump\exports\51019634_1-export7\LABEL.ASC

for the export locations. Choose sap as password for Db schema user. Choose change_on_install as password for Db user ‘sys’ user. Choose manager as password for Db user ‘system’ user.


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