SAP R3 Transport Organizer How to Setup Local Transport Request

Transport Organizer (SE01)

SE01 is used to display, change, release, checking locks of a TR. Once a TR is released there are no modifications can be made. SE01 can do both SE09 and SE10 functions.

CTS Initialization (SE06)

As a part of post installation, change and transport system (CTS) should be initialized with the type of installation performed. Then TMS should be configured with TDC (transport domain controller) includes system landscape. Once CTS initialized then only the creation of TR can be possible with all the customization. To initialize CTS, Go to SE06, select type of installation performed as described below then select “perform post-installation” button.

  • Standard Installation, which has to be selected if the server installed with SAP Export dump.
  • Database copy or Migration, Which has to be selected if server installed with system copy or Refresh mode.


Local transport (SCC1)

A transport request can be moved among different systems in the landscape depends on type of request. A transport request moving between the clients in the same system is called as local transport system or copying client specific objects among the clients.
The local transport can be obtained with SCC1 tcode which requires source client number of TR.


Make sure CTS is initialized after installation.

Aim: to Crate local request in 000 client using a role using PFCG Tcode & to transport to 300 client in the same R3 system(NEW).

Log on to 000 client with your user name & pw

Run T code: PFCG and Check the generated role in source & target client

Logon to Target Client Example: 100

Run PFCG and Confirm that the role does not exist in the 100 client.


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