SAP R/3 Client Copy using Client Export/Import

It is one type of client copy to copy a client data between two R/3 systems using TMS. Using client Export /Import client independent and dependent data also can be copied between two different databases. But both the systems patch level, type of database and software version should be same. It is a two step process where in client Export, source client data will be converted as a “transport request” and the request exported to target system. In Client Import, the exported TR has to be imported in to target client using STMS.


Client Export is done using SCC8 transaction code.


1) Setup a system message about source client lock.
2) Lock all dialogue users in source client except administrators.
3) Delete all released background jobs and ensure that there are no background jobs running in source during copy.
4) Check transport tool to confirm functioning of “tp and R/3 trans” include TMS configuration.
5) Ensure there are no updated errors in SM13 of source client.
6) Check for database deadlocks, delete if existing.
7) Make sure that there is enough space in target system table spaces and in Common Transport directory.


Log on to source system’s source client and make sure that all above steps were performed .Then go to SCC8 tcode for Export. Select a client profile according to data to be copied as a Transport request. Mention target system into which the client should be copied. Configure this as a background or dialogue.
According to the client profile selected and the data available, maximum 3 transport requests will be created and automatically exported to target system mentioned. The requests are like
<sid>KO<No> – For cross client data
<sid>KT<No> – For client specific data
<sid>KX<No> – for client specific texts

Once above TRs got created, all of them automatically released and exported to a larger system. This can be checked in SE01 or SCC3.


Log on to target system, create a new client in target system using SCC4 tcode. Then logon to that new client execute STMS tcode.

STMS –> import overview->refresh the buffer to find exported requests→import Queue of target client→start importing using different options.
In case 3 transport requests are created in export any one of the TR is started then the rest TRs also imported in to target client automatically.

Client Open & Close

An R/3 client can be opened or closed against to importing workbench data, customizing data as a transport request. An R/3 client can be opened or closed using SCC4 tcode.
In production environment productive client always would be closed to restrict import of workbench type of requests. This can be obtained by changing client configuration using client admin tool in SCC4. Where these changes applied on T000 table in database.

Client import post processing

After importing TRs in target client successfully we can find same TR selected to perform post processing in tcode SCC7.Then start this job as a dialogue or back ground to perform client import post processing.

Client refresh

Deletion of existing client data and copying the same client using a productive client data is called as “client Refresh”. In support environment client refresh may required to be done frequently for the clients in quality system with production clients.
Normally this happens once in 3 months in production environment. The main object of client refresh is to provide production environment in test & quality system. This may be held using remote client copy or client import/Export .But client transport is preferable in real time.

Client deletion

We can delete the client using SCC5 transaction code.

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