SAP R/3 Local Client Copy – transaction code RZ10

Client Copy

000 is a master client which maintains all the data given by SAP. But it will not allow client independent customization. For this reason of implementing software or customization as a part of post installation a new client will be created and copied from 000 with SAP_ALL profile. We have three types of client copy procedures in R/3 Local client Copy Remote Client copy Client Export / Import

Local client Copy

If a client copy held under the same database between two clients, this is called Local Client Copy. This is recommended as a post installation step.


Set a system message about the client copy information with SM02 Lock all users except administrator in source client. Lock can be given by SU10 transaction code. Because in any client copy the source data should not be edited. Cancel all the released background jobs in the source client. Check all table spaces and add data files if any table filled above 85% Create a client using SCC4 transaction and mention client role. Note: In case you are creating a client in PRD system to maintain production data, do not select the client role as production because client role as Production will not allow any client copies within that.


  • Log on to the target client with user id SAP* and password PASS
  • If unable to login with SAP* (in ECC6) use TCODE RZ10 to create a new Default Parameter login/no_automatic_user_sapstar and set the value to 0.
  • Run the transaction SCCL
  • Select a client profile with source client number
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