SAP Remote Client Copy (Transaction Code: SCC9)

The client copy held between two different databases or two different servers (R/3 systems) is known as Remote Client copy. Remote Client copy requires RFC Connections.

Create RFCUSER with SAP_ALL and SAP_NEW profiles on source system (DR1)
Run su01 and create new user RFCUSER and copy from ddic

Make sure the user type is SYSTEM.
Lock all users on source
• Send system message to all users SM02
• Wait for one hour and kill any remaining users
• Run SU10 to mass user lock

Stop all background jobs
• Display all background jobs using sm37
• Run BTCTRANS1 to de schedule all jobs
• Run BTCTRANS2 to re schedule all jobs

Make sure enough space is available for TableSpaces in target
Create RFC Connection from target to source (TCODE SM59)
Connection type should be R3 connection
Connecting two applications running on two different servers to enable the data communication is called as RFC connection. Using RFC connection the communication obtained between source and target systems with the help of gateway work process which enables data communication between them.

RFC connections will be created using SM59 transaction code
Types of RFC connections
Connecting application server with same database
Connecting with R/2 system database
Connecting with R/3 system database connecting type 3 stands for creating a connection between R/3 to R/3 technology servers.

SAP R/3 to SAP R/3
SAP R/3 to SAP BIW (vice versa)
SAP R/3 to SAP CRM (vice versa)
SAP R/3 to SAP SRM (vice versa)

If SAP R/3 to SAP R/3 connection obtained the data communication held between those two systems as per its technical and configuration

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