Six Sigma Roles – Champions, Green Belts, Black Belts and Master Black Belts


Usually high up, who sponsors a Six Sigma project through the business. The first few Six Sigma projects may encounter some technical, political, or institutional obstacles in the business environment. It’s critical that someone is there to help the project and the project members overcome any obstacles and resistance.

Green Belts

This is a title for someone who is involved with a Six Sigma project “part-time.” They have a job with normal duties, added involvement in a Six Sigma project.

Black Belts

Does Six Sigma “full time.” Their entire work effort is focused on finding defects, wherever they might be, and eliminating them from the business processes. They move from department to department, heading Six Sigma projects.

Master Black Belts

This indicates the highest level of skill and training, sometimes designates an outside consultant who specializes in Six Sigma process improvements. These individuals provide training to others involved in process improvement develop an organizational culture that supports the implementation of Six Sigma.

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